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The Christmas Flood of 2022

This page is dedicated to all of the kindhearted people and businesses who helped us recover after this disaster.

In December of 2022, Louisville experienced a deep freeze just before Christmas day. As families gathered to open presents, No Kill Louisville got a surprise present of their own... A deluge of water flooding from a busted pipe onto pet food, pet items, electronics, office supplies, and foster supplies. They lost nearly 80% of everything. Those who were on the Board of Directors at the time were heartbroken. So much of what they had worked so hard to secure for the pets...




How would No Kill Louisville recover? Finances wouldn't be able to cover food costs for the next pet food bank, foster expenses, vet visits, building expenses, etc. No Kill Louisville asked the community for support. They posted photos of canned food in containers full of yellowish water and videos of waterfalls pouring from the ceiling. Multiple news channels found the story and they rushed to document the destruction.

The community reacted with an outpouring of love! We received over one hundred packages of donated pet food and monetary support from so many helpful folks. Chewy not only sent a truck full of pet food and supplies, but some eager volunteers to help us unload the truck. Chewy also helped us replace the majority of our Easter egg collection.

food donos.jpg
chewy team.PNG


Our organization survived this crisis because of the dedicated donors, volunteers, and businesses who recognized that the No Kill Model is worth saving!

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