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Our Vision

A community where no adoptable pet or feral cat is killed, regardless of resources, economics, or politics.

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Who We Are

We are No Kill Louisville!

Founded on April 22, 2010, we are recognized as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

We are dedicated to saving and improving the lives of homeless animals. Our mission is to create a no-kill community where every adoptable pet has the opportunity to find a loving home. We work towards this goal by promoting adoption, spaying/neutering, and responsible pet ownership.


We collaborate with local animal shelters, rescue groups, and volunteers to provide resources, education, and support. We advocate for humane treatment of animals, raise awareness about pet overpopulation, and actively work to reduce euthanasia rates in the community. We also offer various programs and initiatives, such as a pet food bank, low-cost spay/neuter services, and fostering opportunities.


We believe in the power of community involvement and encourage individuals to get involved through volunteering, fostering, or making donations to support our life-saving efforts. We aim to build a compassionate community that values and protects the lives of all animals. Through our dedication and collaborative efforts, we strive to make a positive impact on the welfare of animals in the Louisville area.

How We Began

In the summer of 2009, a flood forced the evacuation of all the animals from Louisville's city shelter Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMAS). People from around the city responded to the call for help. During that time, many of these "new temporary volunteers" learned they were needed for much longer. There was not enough staff to keep up with the huge volume of animals coming into LMAS.  

At the same time, an experienced group of volunteers had been coming to the shelter regularly for several years. They were working hard to profile (write descriptions and take photos) many of the animals in hopes of saving some of the thousands who were killed every year. Many of the animals killed were loving cats, dogs, rabbits, and more, who just needed the time to find a family.  

As these two groups of volunteers - the new and the experienced - came together at the end of 2009, they discovered a new approach to animal sheltering - the No Kill Model. This idea of the No Kill Model seemed impossible at first, given the number of animals coming into LMAS However, they began to educate themselves. They learned the tenants of the No Kill Model and how it could benefit the pets and citizens of Louisville, Kentucky. They were emboldened upon learning that Shelby County Humane Society in Shelbyville, Kentucky had begun becoming no-kill just a year earlier!

Everyone saw the same horizon - the city of Louisville could become a community that not only welcomes companion animals, but protects them.

As a result of this shared goal, No Kill Louisville was formed. The volunteers began meeting with city council members and mayoral candidates at that time, explaining the No Kill model, how it could work in Louisville, and what it would mean for the quality of life for all citizens. The group then filed for non-profit status and began working toward establishing itself as a 501 (c) (3) with the goal of "raising awareness and funds in support of creating a No Kill community."

Now, we welcome YOU to the movement!

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